Practical Information

visitingillu_strasbourg1.jpg                            To participate to the fifth days of the network Medici it is neccessary  to "pre-register" on this site in the section "registrations". This preregistration will be definitive that having received a confirmation letter on behalf of the organizers of the days Medici2014. You will have to obtain to your training institution for the coverage of your travels.


European Parliament

Bâtiment Winston Churchill

(Allée Spach/Avenue du  Président Robert Schuman) 

F-67070 Strasbourg cedex




Travel directions

The European Parliament in Strasbourg can be reached by coach, bus, tram ,train or plane.

By public transport (CTS) :

Tram line E (direction Robertsau Bocklin) - (stop Parlement Europeen) takes you to the front of the Louise Weiss Building where the visitors' entrance is located.
Bus lines 72, 30 (direction Robertsau) and 6 (direction Pont Phario) go to the Council of Europe (stop Droits de l'Homme), a 10-minute walk from Parliament.


 By train :

Please consult the website of French Railways SNCF



Please do not forget to bring with you proof of your identity (an official ID card, passport or driving license);. you will not be able to enter  Parliament without it. It will be checked at the entrance, your bags will be scanned and you will be directed through a search point.

Plan d'accès


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